Camel Trekking in Gran Canaria

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It is not correct that you have to go to Sahara to take pleasure of air ride on the back of a camel and you can just jump on the back of a foreign dromedary while holiday in Gran Canaria. Whether you are a crystal clear water sports enthusiast, a sun light worshipper or a junky adventure, cheap holidaying in Gran canaria will have something for you.


There are 2 choices for camel trekking while you are travelling in Gran Canaria. If you are living in the south of the sandy land then make the tour to the popular Sahara-like and sand dunes of Maspalamas. Camel trekking across sumptuous place is usually final for about half an hour, with the camels generally being able to carry 2 passengers. You will be recommended through the dunes one after the other in a “Caravan” line, so do not worry, your camel would not run off. If you are searching for relaxing time and way to explore the dunes at a sedate lick this may be the best option for you, as despite being able to attain speed of 35mph camels usually relax a more leisurely pace.


For these cheap holiday makers staying away from city of Maspalomas, the amazing town of Fataga also offer the choice for camel trekking. Fataga is house to a dedicated camel safari square you will firstly be given a short opening about the safari life of camel before able to climb onto its back to take pleasure of trek through the dazzling Fataga water valley. A tasty lunch will also be offered before you will have the chance to impose for those memorable images with your latest best friend. Traveling the camel safari commons at Fataga place is only an amazing day out; it is also best possibility to learn more about a very beautiful animals.

Being able to participate in cheap beach holiday with such perfect activities like Came trekking ensures that Canary island is one of most beautiful tourist destination for the United Kingdom holidaymakers and why Canary islands cheap holiday continue to improve in popularity. If the sound like the best holiday for you, so what are you waiting for?

Nightlife in Gran canaria is energetic, fun, and varied! It begins late and goes on throughout the night with most restaurants and bars staying open until late midnight and the clubs and discos ever later (or should we say “very earlier”?) all delicious taste are catered for and you can have a wild night as you fancy. A month goes by without a carnival, fiesta, or special festival….and these tend to be very colorful, charming fun and lots of enjoy. The Spanish life style is amazing and girls are so beautiful.  The gay scene in canary island is popular the world over. A travel to Playa del ingles will reveal amazing drag queens, theme bars, fetish venues, and plays host to the popular gay pride festival held regularly. Gran canaria is best holiday destination for the tourist. I love to visit this city.

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