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Beaches of Gran Canaria

When you consider all of your options and you are looking for great beach to visit while on vacation you need to look into the Gran Canarias.  This is an island is really close to your of that offers a wide diverse range of beaches with changing scenery.  It is common marvel to understand what is going to happen as soon as somebody lands and looks out over the beaches to see the ocean.  With that being said, some of the beaches that you’ll want to visit while you are vacationing on this island will give you great enjoyment.

There is a family beach located south of the island.  Travelers come from all over the world to get a look and enjoy the sands of Maspalomas beach.  Although this feature is quite crowded you’ll be quite impressed as the suns start setting on the skyline.  The yellow sands of this beach give off a nice warming glow as the sun sets. If you are looking for a nice area to spend your time and relax, ask the locals to point you to this beach. This beach stretches from Play del Ingles to the Maspalomas lighthouse so there is plenty of space for you to relax but remember, this is one of the island’s most popular beaches so it is crowded.

A not so crowded beach that is more family friendly is located south. It still has a vast area but is friendlier to the families. San Agustin is a beach on the southern part of the island but also has the rolling sand dunes that you can see at other beaches. These areas have some of the best weather on the island. If you are looking to get wet then you can try surfing or go snorkeling to see what you can find. Crystal waters make this island a great vacation destination for everyone that wants to get away for a while and relax.

ust outside the capital you will find another great beach. This is where you will find many surfers and other water activities that you can participate. Sea enclaves are a spectacular feature to see with a wide variety of marine life that you can see snorkeling. You can go out on a charter boat to get the feel of the ocean of try your hand at parasailing. You have no limits when it comes to traveling to the Gran Canarias for a vacation.

Here is a picture from Amadores Beach on Gran Canaria, not far from Puerto Rico:

Amadores Beach Gran Canaria

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