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Gran Canaria Visa Requirements

Travelers who are travelling on passports from the following nations do not need a visa to visit beautiful Spain regardless of the length of their stay, The European nations, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

For trip stays of fewer than 3 months, no visa in needed if you are visiting on the following visa: Canada, USA, Argentina, Australia, Malaysia, Japan and New Zealand. A complete list of nations is available on the Spain embassy online site.

As Spain is area of the schengen nations, any visitors who usually need a visa for nations such as Germany or France will must need a Schengen visa for amazing Spain. Once again, a complete list of nations is available on the Embassy website.
This details does not substitute for experts legal advise, we guided you to seek the assistance of a lawyer of Spain.


European foreigners do not require a visa to travel in Spain, but just an administrator ID or passport in force. Non-European foreigners, on the other case, do require a visa to travel in Spain,instead if there exists an deal between foreign house nations and Spain, by explains of which the legal requirements of visa for residents or citizens of such nations when they will be staying in amazing Spain up to 90 days within a six months times, or for a transit stay of highest five days.
You may send application for visa to Spain consulate located in your house nation before you leave, visa are managed by the Spain foreign department of affairs through its consulate overseas.
There are many kinds of visa, which are issued depending on what is your objective for reaching in Spain: working, Studying, investment, tourism… You should send application for your visa according to your requirements, you cannot enter Spain travel visa and then apply to live as something else.
Entry Requirements

United nation citizens: need a legal passport for at least time of intended stay. No visa is needed for stay up to 90 days within six month time. That visiting in Spain for tourism objective requires applying for “Carta de invitacion” at local police station or verification of hotel reservation. Travelers to Spain require to shows proof of accurate funds for the time to their stay.
Entry requirements for United Kingdom nations: UK citizens must hold a legal passport, but no visa needed for a highest stay of 3 months for those holding legal passport, British oversea citizen territories, British national, or British subject. Other passport holders need a visa.
Entry requirements for citizens of Australia: Australian citizens need a legal passport for at least time of intended stay. No legal visa needed for stay up to 3 months within six month time. Those visiting to Spain for tourism objective require to apply a hotel booking reservation or police station documents. Travelers to Spain require to such best funds for the time of their stay.
You should be needed to produce some unique documentation, depends the kinds of visa you apply. Visas works will take some weeks depends upon on each issue.

The standards when you are travelling to Gran Canaria depends on what country you are from. If you are visiting Gran Canaria and Spain from EU, there is not any problems at all. This is information for Gran Canaria Visa Requirements  2012.

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